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Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Framework

GLAHF is a comprehensive spatial frameworkdatabase, and classification for Great Lakes ecological data.

Project Components

1 a hierarchical spatial framework with unique identifiers that link to a comprehensive database
2 a spatial database that consists of available ecological data for the entire Great Lakes basin


3 an integrated river-watershed network – the Great Lakes Hydrography Dataset
4 a hierarchical environmental classification that identifies unique aquatic units across the basin


5 visualization tools & maps including a web-based, publicly accessible geospatial map viewer and decision support tool



Project Funding

The GLAHF spatial framework, database, and aquatic habitat classification have been funded by the Great Lakes Fishery Trust and are housed at the University of Michigan with maintenance supported by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Institute for Fisheries Research.


GLAHF Project Team

Principal Investigators

Dr. Catherine Riseng
Principal Investigator
University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability
Associate Research Scientist

Dr. Kevin Wehrly
Institute for Fisheries Research
Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources
Fish Division Research Biologist

Dr. Lizhu Wang
International Joint Commission
Research Scientist

Dr. Ed Rutherford
NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab
Research Fishery Biologist

Dr. James McKenna, Jr.
US Geological Survey

Dr. Lucinda Johnson
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Natural Resources Research Institute
Senior Research Associate

Chris Castiglione
US Fish & Wildlife Service
GIS Coordinator / Fish & Wildlife Biologist

Dr. Dana Infante
Michigan State University
Associate Professor of Fisheries & Wildlife

Dr. Scott Sowa
The Nature Conservancy – Michigan
Director of Science

Dr. Robert Goodspeed
University of Michigan
Taubman College of Architecture & Planning
Assistant Professor of Urban Planning

Project Staff

Danielle Forsyth
Institute for Fisheries Research
Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources
Research Analyst

Lacey Mason
Institute for Fisheries Research
University of Michigan for Environment and Sustainability
Senior GIS Analyst

Beth Sparks-Jackson
School for Environment and Sustainability
University of Michigan
Post-doctoral Researcher


Gust Annis
The Nature Conservancy
Great Lakes Research Specialist

Jan Ciborowski
University of Windsor Department of Biological Sciences

John Gaiot
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Mapping and Information Resources Branch
Water Resource Information Data Analyst

Tom Hollenhorst

Mary Khoury
The Nature Conservancy
Aquatic Ecologist

Michael Laitta
International Joint Commission
GIS Coordinator

Mike Robertson
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Mapping and Information Resources Branch
Imagery Project Manager

Jeff Schaeffer
US Geological Survey
Research Fishery Biologist

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  • About GLAHF

    Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Framework is a comprehensive spatial framework, database, and classification for Great Lakes ecological data.
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