The search function allows you to select specific features from any layer and navigate the map in several ways. The resulting queries will display a list of the matching features in a table shown at the bottom of the window (except for the address query). Click on different rows to see corresponding features highlighted on the map. Close the results tab when finished.

  • Attributes – This function displays the attributes for the selected layer, shows the values, and allows you to build a SQL query of the attributes for the selected layer. Your query can include multiple attribute fields.
  • Spatial – This function allows you to draw an object, and select all the features in the target layer that intersect the drawn object. The search can be conducted to include a buffer around the object you add.
  • Address – Zoom to the location for a street address, or city and state/province.
  • Selection – Displays the features in the target layer which intersect with another layer.
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