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Wang, L, CM Riseng, LA Mason, KE Wehrly, ES Rutherford, JE McKenna, Jr., C Castiglione, LB Johnson, DM Infante, S Sowa, M Robertson, J Schaeffer, M Khoury, J Gaiot, T Hollenhorst, C Brooks, M Coscarelli (2015) A spatial classification and database for management, research, and policy making: The Great Lakes aquatic habitat framework. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 41(2): 584-596.

Great Lakes Hydrography Dataset

Forsyth, D, CM Riseng, KE Wehrly, LA Mason, J Gaiot, T Hollenhorst, CM Johnston, C Wyrzykowski, G Annis, C Castiglione, K Todd, M Robertson, DM Infante, L Wang, JE McKenna, G Whelan (2016) The Great Lakes Hydrography Dataset: consistent, binational watershedsfor the Laurentian Great Lakes Basin. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, doi: 10.1111/1752-1688.12435.


Goodspeed, R, C Riseng, K Wehrly, W Yin, L Mason, B Schoenfeldt (2016) Applying design thinking methods to ecosystem management tools: Creating the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Explorer. Marine Policy, 69: 134-145.


Riseng, CM, KE Wehrly, L Wang, ES Rutherford, JE McKenna, Jr., LB Johnson, LA Mason, C Castiglione, TP Hollenhorst, BL Sparks-Jackson, SP Sowa (2018) Ecosystem classification and mapping of the Laurentian Great Lakes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 75:1693-1712,


Kovalenko, KE, LB Johnson, CM Riseng, MJ Cooper, K Johnson, LA Mason, JE Kenna, Jr., BL Sparks-Jackson, DG Uzarski (2018) Great Lakes coastal fish habitat classification and assessment. Journal of Great Lakes Research,

McKenna (in progress)

Sparks-Jackson (in progress)

Other Manuscripts

Mason, LA, CM Riseng, AD Gronewold, ES Rutherford, J Wang, A Clites, SDP Smith, PB McIntyre (2016) Fine-scale spatial variation in ice cover and surface tempeature trends across the surface of the Laurentian Great Lakes. Climatic Change, doi: 10.1007/s10584-016-1721-2. 

Mason, LA, CM Riseng, AJ Layman, R Jensen (2018) Effective fetch and relative exposure index maps for the Laurentian Great Lakes. Scientific Data,

Kramer, AM, G Annis, ME Wittmann, WL Chadderton, ES Rutherford, DM Lodge, L Mason, D Beletsky, C Riseng, JM Drake (2017) Suitability of Laurentian Great Lakes for invasive species based on global species distribution models and local habitat. Ecosphere, 8(7): e01883,

Wittman, ME, G Annis, AM Kramer, L Mason, C Riseng, ES Rutherford, WL Chadderton, D Beletsky, JM Drake, DM Lodge (2017) Refining species distribution model outputs using landscape-scale habitat data: Forecasting Grass Carp and Hydrilla establishment in the Great Lakes region. J. Great Lakes Res., 43: 298-307,

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    Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Framework is a comprehensive spatial framework, database, and classification for Great Lakes ecological data.
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